Faculty of Artsfilozoficka
Comenius University in Bratislava
Gondova 2
818 01 Bratislava

Filozofická fakulta
Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave
Gondova 2
818 01 Bratislava

The Faculty of Arts of Comenius University lies on the left bank of the Danube as it flows from Vienna down to Budapest. From the Faculty, it’s a short walk to just about anywhere in the Old Town: 11 minutes from the old National Theatre, 13 minutes to the Main 20150411_134213Square, and 25 minutes to Bratislava Castle. For those who prefer something a bit more modern, the New National Theatre and Eurovea with it’s many shops and riverside cafes are a 4-minute walk from the venue while Bratislava’s unique UFO bridge with its incredible views of the city from the restaurant at the top is an 18-minute walk in the other direction.20150419_141331



Inside the Venue

Plenaries will take place in Moyzesova sieň in the building of the Faculty, but with the main entrance on the main road, Vajanského nábrežie.

Much of our networking and coffee-sipping will take place in the Faculty’s atrium, a recent reconstruction and reworking of the building’s courtyard.

The workshops will take place in various classrooms and lecture halls at the Faculty. All are equipped with a computer, a projector and screen, speakers, and internet access.

Wifi throughout the venue will also be available for participants.



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