Workshops: Young Learners – part 2

Introducing a few more of the teacher trainers coming to do YLs workshops…

Sylvie Doláková (CZ)

Sylvie DolákováEnglish from the very first word (YL: absolute beginners) Saturday, Workshop D

Do you know how to start teaching English to (very) young learners from the first moment? You don‘t want to or can’t translate every word, but will they understand an English-only approach? And how can they learn about their progress? This workshop will provide some practical tips for working with young beginners in a way they (and you) will enjoy.

Sylvie is a freelance and university teacher in the Czech Republic teaching English in kindergarten, primary school, and now as a teacher trainer. She’s designed many games for teaching English to children aged 4-10, as well as published in books and CDs of English games and activities for children.

Anica Đokić (ELTA Serbia)

Let’s celebrate! (YL: A1-A2) Saturday, Workshop Hanica dokic

It is a perfect time to get ready for the upcoming holidays! Halloween’s coming in a month, Thanksgiving in two, Christmas in three, and there is a celebration that can be in the spotlight throughout the year – our students’ birthdays. This workshop will offer a variety of practical activities that can be used in our classrooms with young learners. Chants, games and new vocabulary worksheets based on the themes of these holidays are going to be presented and practiced in an interactive way.

Anica has been an EFL teacher for 10 years. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. She works in a primary school in her hometown, Novi Sad. She has been an active member of ELTA Serbia since 2006, as a board member, regional coordinator, and teacher trainer. She has also participated in a number of conferences throughout Europe. Her fields of interest are teaching young learners and teaching unplugged.

Eva Reid (UKF – Slovakia) 

eva reidCulture in English lessons (YL: absolute beginners) Saturday, Workshop H

This workshop focuses on socio-linguistic, pragmatic and non-verbal competences in English language teaching to young learners. Slovak and English components are compared. By games, role plays and explanations we will cover the following competences: greetings, onomatopoeia, gestures, and pragmatic phrases and cultural knowledge.

Eva is an assistant professor at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. Her specialisation is developing intercultural communicative competences in English language education and teaching English to gifted children. Her monograph “Intercultural Aspects in Teaching English at Primary Schools” was published by the Peter Lang publishing house. She is also the author of three English language school books for primary school children.

Daniela Clarke (Macmillan SK) 

Chalk and Cheese: Teaching mixed ability primary Daniela Clarke photoclasses (YL: all English levels) Saturday, Workshop F

In this seminar we will look at the challenges teachers face when teaching classes with mixed learning abilities. We will look at why classes have mixed abilities and at activities that can help the teacher find a balance to keep the strongest and the weakest pupils on board, addressing the needs of a wide range of learner abilities, sensory learning styles and levels within the class.

Warmers and Coolers for Young Adults/Adults (teens/adults: all English levels) Saturday, Workshop D

In this workshop we will explore a number of short, enjoyable and communicative activities used as warmers to wake up, motivate and enthuse learners, and consider how coolers can be used effectively to wrap up and close a lesson. The warmers and coolers demonstrated in the workshop are versatile, and can be used in teaching both language and skills for all levels and abilities, with a view to making learning not just more fun, but also more productive.

Daniela is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. She has been involved in ELT since 1997, mainly in the UK, where she taught a range of students from young learners to adults, and trained and coached teachers. She has cooperated with Macmillan both as a teacher trainer and author. Daniela currently lives and works in the Czech Republic and presents regularly at ELT conferences in Central and Eastern Europe.


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